How to Figure out What You Really Want, and Get It

With 2020 around the corner, let's talk about how to set goals, and actually achieve them. You might be thinking, well, I don’t even know what I want my goals to be!! And that’s ok. Together, we will go through an exercise to help you uncover your subconscious dreams, and desires, and THEN we will [...]

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How to Wake Up at 4am (and actually like it!)

Mornings are when I am my most happy, productive, creative self. BUT, I definitely DON'T consider myself a "morning person". My body has never wanted to wake up early. But, after years of needing to balance competing priorities, like University and a part-time job, and then running a business while home with twins, I've learned [...]

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Best Podcasts and Books for New Entrepreneurs

When I first left my job, I was so overwhelmed with all the basics ☛ website ☛ logo ☛ business registration ☛ finding clients! that I didn't want to fill my head with any more information, so, I avoided all the books and podcasts that people recommended to me. Hindsights? Big mistake... I spent a [...]

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