How to Start an Email List (From Scratch!)

When you start building your business online, you’re head (and to-do lists!) will be filled with things like:⠀⁠
✓ Website⠀⁠
✓ Social Media presence ⠀⁠
✓ Branding ⠀⁠
✓ Offers⠀⁠
you most likely won’t be thinking about building an email list. But here’s the thing, if you listen to ANY business or marketing “gurus” out there, they tell you that their one big regret was “not starting an email list sooner”.

I know it can be overwhelming, so before you sit there thinking “I’m not ready for email list building!” check out this resource to see just how simple it can be – when you have all the basic steps.

“How to Start an Email List (From Scratch!)”

I break down email list building into 6 simple steps, so that no matter where you’re at in your journey, you can either get started asap or come back to this video when you’re ready.

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